Bird, oil paintign aceo
Bird About This Painting: BirdArtist trading cardoil painting2.5 x 3.5 Media: oil painting Size: 3.5 in X 2.5 in (8.9 cm X 6.4 cm) Price: $20 USD How to Purchase: click here to bid on this painting Or, send me an email "post your opinion in the comments" Or, send me an emailThank You: Art by Delilah, with a Passion for PaintingAll Images © 2006-2017
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Displaying Images Transparent, With Mouseover E...
How a transparent image above effect is not so difficult, that we need only use CSS Image Opacity property. But before you should also know CSS opacity property is not included in the standard CSS, which this property works well only on some modern web browsers only.Examples of the mouseover effect to the more dim light (set directly in the picture). onmouseover=";this.filters.alpha.opacity=100"onmouseout=";this.filters.alpha.opacity=40" / /> <img src=Your Imag...
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