Deftones - London ULU (12/05/10)
There is more than a hint of surrealism in the air this evening as a larger-than-life band such as the Deftones packing themselves into a tiny venue in the centre of London certainly doesn’t happen that often. Walking around to join the end of the queue on this mildly chilly Wednesday night and it is plain to see the excitement plastered on the faces of the lucky few anxious to witness this rather special event.However tonight the venue is packed to the rafters with a noticeably more mature audience, man...
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Yet, even still, MORE Random Thoughts
The New England Mint is selling $2.00 bills for $10.00. Saying it is "legal tender" and "a $60.00 dollar value." Question: How does Superman trim his fingernails? No substance on Earth is strong enough for the task. EXCEPT for his own teeth. Its the only solution, right. Question #2: How does Superman trim his toenails?
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