Hauntings In My House
Sorry guys for not posting for such a long time! Work had been quite hectic for me and I really missed posting ghost stories for you guys! This story was told to me by my ex-colleague who claims that her previous house was haunted.I have only lived here for over a year and nothing eerie had happened, until now. One night, around 1:00 am, I was the only one awake in my room surfing the net on my computer when I heard the TV downstairs being turned on. I figured it was my sister or mother who can’t sleep a...
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Someone called and asked if they could help us get a lower interest on the vehicle we owned. Well, we had been praying and hoping for such since we brought the car. We walked out of our dealership with a very low interest payment and a BRAND NEW CAR! God just wanted us to have a new car! No money down.
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