Selected press coverage from #AIIM12
Selected press coverage from #AIIM12 CMS Wire -- Virginia Backaitis --Show and Tell at AIIM: EMC Unveils Documentum D2, Mobile App Document Media --Cheryl McKinnon --Social Technology Business: Halves of a Whole? Fierce Content Management --Ron Miller EMC releases Documentum iOS app Adobe hopes predictive analytics can transform enterprise decision making There's an awful lot of data in the enterprise David Pogue Sings the iPhone Song at AIIM 12(video) Why Can?t IT and Business Just Get Along? Th...
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Case Study: A Penguin 4.0 Recovery
We’ve had time for the dust to settle after the Real-Time Penguin update was released. It’s now been more than 4 weeks since the update was implemented, and close to a month since Google announced the end of the launch. The question in everyone’s mind now is – what can we learn from this update? How should we proceed now that Penguin is integrated into the algorithm? In this article, we’ll delve into an analysis of results pages to determine what can be inferred from this latest update. Unfortunately, w...
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