Not Quite There Yet
Okay, so I have a bit of a confession to make. I have not quite quit smoking yet, but I am trying. I did intend to quit on July 5th. But on the morning of July 6th I was on a plane heading down to go through my dad's things. I did not bring any cigarettes with me. I thought I was doing good. I don't recall having a craving, but I did find myself buying a pack of cigarettes at the gas station that was right next door to our hotel. So I smoked the pack throughout the course of 3 days. I had the last one at...
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Relentless Care -- Remembering a Giant
My pastor of oftentimes responds to a query of what we’re doing at South Main Baptist Church by saying “We bury giants.” Today was such a day, one on which we bid farewell to a giant. In the opening remarks of his memorial service, the phrase “relentless care” (thank you for that, Rev. Kev.) pricked my heart and remained with me throughout the service.Physically, he was a man of robust stature, tall, always impeccably and appropriately attired and well groomed, with a measured, rhythmic way of speaking t...
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