From a Summit High
From a Summit High The beauty of a dream, is how it can come true, Everything we want, we can have, if we want to. Just set your sights upon, the thing your heart desires, And set the wheels in motion, with each turn you're climbing higher. Now travel up that mountain, 'til its summit is in sight, And view the panorama's beauty, whether it be day or night. You'll be filled with so much pride, to see how far you've come, And see that life's a journey, from birth until it's don...
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Christmas is Coming
It's been quite a while since I've last posted an article here on my blog. Sadly, I've lost internet connection at home. Hopefully, I'd be able to get a new connection as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I'm using our church's DSL connection while the church kids are having their Christmas Party in church. It feels good that I can greet everyone who can drop by this blog a very merry Christmas. We celebrate Christ's birth and the dawn of God's salvation, may we be able to share and express God's love to ev...
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