Cat found after 2 years
This cat story was from my friend Carol who is a postal worker and takes care of 35 feral cats along her route not only feeding them but providing boxes for "homes" and takes them to the vet when needed. "Jan picked up a lost cat last Spring by a gas station in New Haven. He was a friendly guy but not a team player- fought with the other males in the shelter. About a month ago Steph [from the Halfway Home shelter] brought him to PetSmart (the adoption center). Folks would look, but no takers...and then l...
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Move along, nothing to see here!
Life took me away from here and developments mean that I'm now blogging about television over on Yahoo news.So pop over to my Yahoo Tumblr blog here, where all future Strictly updates will be, plus a load of other ramblings about anything TV.
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