DIY Pendant Lamp - Weekend Project
Dollar Store Crafts has a great weekend project posted on their site for a pendant light tutorial. I love the colors! Can you believe these are ping pong balls? [link] Want to buy ping pong balls in bulk? How about 144 of them for less than $10link
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Oil price: how much will a barrel cost in 2012?
Stock exchange news, oil. Translated from Greek, oil means to flash, to ignite. Current oil use is so wide that it has become the major fuel worldwide. It is this time of goods that is carefully watched by financial experts, investors, and businessmen. Oil export currently gives major profit in Russia. Analytics of Masterforex-V Academy sum up annual results. The dynamics of oil price in 2011 and predictions for 2012 are provided further. For investors: major performance indicators of 2011 Events a...
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