Eric Morse aka William Pattison aka...
Eric Morse aka William Pattison aka Who? Copyright Eric Morse aka Just the tip Eric Morse aka William Pattison is one of those pseudo celebrities who exist on the fringe of the entertainment industry. For some reason the horror community seems to attract most of these “wannabe” celebrities like Morse. Eric Morse aka William Pattison's only claim to fame, besides being a loud mouth asshole/Facebook warrior is that he wrote a series of Friday the 13th Junior adult novels. Not to take away from Morse's a...
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We're back! And you can help us.
Yes, we're back with ideas, tips and recipes. Each day one. And you can help us. Some features of this site can't be changed, so we have to make new content. For instance the blogroll. It's outdated, can't be removed for some reason, so we can put your url there. And new ideas, tips and recipes are always welcome. Ofcourse we'll provide a link back for a link to us. So come on. Let's have the blog restarted!
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