3 Dead In Ariz. Motorcycle Crash At Least 8 Mot...
I'm re-posting this tragic story after reading about it on Mr. Motorcycle's blog. It's important, please read and pay attention on the road people!(Thank's Mark for posting this story in the first place and bringing it to our attention.)PHOENIX -- At least three people are dead after a sanitation truck collided with eight motorcycles on the Carefree Highway near 27th Avenue, police said.The motorcycle riders involved in the accident were part of Phoenix MC Kruzer’s.An off-duty fire captain, Ernie Lizarra...
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The bizarre case of ‘demonic possession’ which inspired the movie The Exorcist may have had nothing to do with the Devil, according to poltergeist researcher Scott Rogo. The movie which starred Linda Blair as a young girl possessed by an evil spirit was based on the real life story of a thirteen-year-old Lutheran boy from Georgetown, USA. Read More:
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