Highlighters of the moment
I probably own more highlighters and illuminators than I actually need...but then again which make-up addict doesn't:) However, the following two highlighters are the ones that I've been reaching for the most lately and they do deserve a mention. Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Creme in Rose Gold Quite a long name for a highlighter but I have to say that the words "dewy", "glow", "radiance" and "creme" ensured that I was going to get it. I adore cream formulations so it's no surprise that thi...
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Showcasing Briana Blair Creations
Meet “author, artist, writer, geek and freak, (author’s own description)” Briana Blair, a woman proud of the things that make her stand out from the crowd. A free-thinker, Briana is not afraid to speak her mind even in the face of negative feedback. As a writer, Briana has penned over 400 poems for the series The Dark Side of My Mind. She wrote a horror/sci-fi novel at age 13 and has published 24 books. Briana’s BrianaDragon Creations is filled with a library of over 2300 articles. She writes in many g...
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