Switch of blog!
SerenArts and such has moved! Thank you to everyone who has taken time out to read, comment or both on this blog! Your input has been gratefully received and we have happily learned a lot along the way. We have switched over to although there is the link on the SerenArts website as well. Hope to see you soon :)))
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Walking on the Wing of a Whim
My neighborhood looked like a ghost town. As far as I could see down the block, the driveways were empty of cars. I had already been walking about a half a mile, but hadn't seen a single soul. It was Monday morning and everyone had scampered off to their jobs and commitments, leaving the neighborhood in peace. I used to be one of those people, I thought to myself, as I walked, noticing a tree blooming with pink blossoms. A beautiful tree filled with tiny little pink slips. I could see how beautiful ...
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