polenta with walnuts and gorganzola
Many of you have been asking me why I haven't posted for so long. Well, the truth of it is I am in mourning. My lovely, magical camera was stolen and I didn't want you all to know that I actually am not a very good photographer, it was all the magic camera's doing. Two: As most of you know at this point, I have gotten myself knocked up. Though I'm luckier than most and this hasn't turned me off eating one bit, it has had the unfortunate effect of moving my bedtime up significantly to, say...
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DIY Pendant Lamp - Weekend Project
Dollar Store Crafts has a great weekend project posted on their site for a pendant light tutorial. I love the colors! Can you believe these are ping pong balls? [link] Want to buy ping pong balls in bulk? How about 144 of them for less than $10link
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