Palau Hotel Has More To Offer Now Than Before
Since 2006, Palau Hotel has started putting changes to its hotel service especially the amenities for each hotel guests. Though there are times when low season hits the tourism industry of Palau, when airline flights are cancelled permanently/temporarily (Far Eastern Airlines/Asian Spirit) or due to recession and economic crisis plaguing the rest of the countries around the world, hotels such as Palau Hotel do face concerns about how to make ends meet. But, being an economy hotel offering budget hotel ro...
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World cruise 2012 website now live
We are currently waiting for pricing and itinerary.  In the meantime, please browse this website.  We're sure you'll agree it is one of the most - if not the most - comprehensive websites for this sailing on the Internet! Don't forget to check out our photo albums and please feel free to join our message board (even if you don't book with us) Want a quote as soon as pricing is available?  Fill out a quote form! Website: ________________________________________ 2...
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