Catgirl, SAM, and Ultraviolet Need You!
Hey everybody, I'm still alive!I guess there's probably no one left who follows this blog by now, but if by some strange twist of fate you do happen to end up here, I've come back, at least briefly, to ask for your help. I know you probably are wondering where I've been hiding out for the past couple of years, and I would love to tell you, but it would take me ages to catch you guys up...and there's no time for that right now. I promise I'll give you a nice, long, rambling post soon, and tell you all abo...
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Tila Tequila’s Storage Unit Acquired at Auction
Tila Tequilas Storage Unit Rumor has it she’s on tour in Canada, which would explain her storage locker going to auction, but I can’t find an ounce of evidence of this so-called tour online. But from the looks of her facebook page, she might just have been too preoccupied with her crusade to save [...]
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