Apple Airpods Review
RM 849 where they sell Apple stuff. So after subtly hinting at the wifey using pinterest (Things i want at some point), i finally got my hands on the Apple Airpods. We still celebrate our "date-versarry" which was on the 30th of August, 12 yearsago. Man time sure flies when you're having fun eh?Anyways back to the Airpods. For my "listening while commuting" pleasure, i have a Jabra Move over the ear headphones that has served me well. It's red and not discreet, but i've yet gotten anyone thinking that i...
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Blog Promotion and Content Marketing on Authentic Blogs
Many people would say that we learn life's lessons from going to school and reading books. To me going to school and reading books teaches us school and book's lessons.Life's lessons are taught to us by life itself. The more that we experience Life, the more of life's lessons we learn. However, many of life lessons are learned when we experience life along with an "instruction book" in our hand. This was brought home to me quite vividly over this past week-end when my husband was trying to fix our answer...
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