My father died just before Christmas last year and yesterday I got around to going through his things. It's not something you ever picture yourself doing even though it's a job almost all of us can expect.My dad and I had a few rough years recently..well a couple of rough decades really. He was Southern, and a drinker, and he had made some very poor life choices that somehow I became responsible for in the end.I have tried to remember him young and successful, flying airplanes, sailing boats, telling sto...
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Production Period of Hybrid F1 568 Chilly
As what I said last few weeks, we might be harvest our chilly in the end of March 2010. Now, all the chillies fruiting the green chilly fruits and will turn to red when its time to harvest. Normally we did not harvest the green chilly because the price of green chilly cheaper than red chilly except a special request from the buyers.
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