You are perhaps aware that in recent times most of the decisions in any large organisation are usually taken by a group of people (e.g., Board of Directors, Committees, Task-force, etc.) rather than by a single individual manager, however, brilliant, bright or powerful the manager may be. Perhaps from your own experience, you are also aware of some of the obvious advantages and disadvantages of
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The Problem With Communication......
It's no secret that we have a huge problem with compromise in this country as well as within the church. Every "hot button" issue gets run through the cable news cycle and gets brought up over and over in our social settings. Instead of looking at every angle, each issue is usually stripped down to a two sided debate which is a tragedy, especially when it comes to legislating (or not) solutions, either in our country, state, city or church. We get so convinced of our own point of view or our own side tha...
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