Escape from Vietnam 1976
We went to the portthemorning of our escape from Viet Nam to Americaand after much trying toovercome with much dilemas, we finally gotten on the ship by almost mid-night. After a night and most of the next day, we thought we would be in Saigon, but when the ship arrived there, news was that Saigon was too crowded with poeple from other cities; Therefore, we must go toan island called "Phu Quoc". We got to Phu Quoc and we were all put in an area with guarded since they don't know which one among uswas tr...
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Your trash, his triumph!
I'm still smiling from having watched Dan Phillips on TED.:) Not only does he reach into those 'primal' parts of the human being, he speaks beautifully too. Enjoy this! TED VIDEO Dan Phillips' Houses Image from Phoenix Commotion
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