Tila Tequila’s Storage Unit Acquired at Auction
Tila Tequilas Storage Unit Rumor has it she’s on tour in Canada, which would explain her storage locker going to auction, but I can’t find an ounce of evidence of this so-called tour online. But from the looks of her facebook page, she might just have been too preoccupied with her crusade to save [...]
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The end of an era ...
I just wanted to say thank you to all the visitors and readers of this blog, from when it was first known as 'Jaye's Jottings'.Trying to keep up with running a few blogs, plus the various jobs I have has proven too difficult, so I'm archiving this incarnation of 'A tingle in my fingers' and will be posting everything on my main website - which I have renamed 'A tingle ...' in honour of this, my very first foray into the blogging world.I do hope you'll join me there, for the familiar photo b...
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