Highlighters of the moment
I probably own more highlighters and illuminators than I actually need...but then again which make-up addict doesn't:) However, the following two highlighters are the ones that I've been reaching for the most lately and they do deserve a mention. Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Creme in Rose Gold Quite a long name for a highlighter but I have to say that the words "dewy", "glow", "radiance" and "creme" ensured that I was going to get it. I adore cream formulations so it's no surprise that thi...
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Its All Here and Now!!
I grew up in a very chaotic, dysfunctional family.  Dysfunction comes in many forms. Unlike some it wasnt about drinking, or yelling and screaming between my parents. It was the silence and the unknown. Yes, my mother would lose control and go into a tirade at times, which would strike terror into my heart. But [...]
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