Things to Forget to Clear Up Space in Your Mind
I've finally reached stasis. Nobody touch me. Potato chip survival strategy: Hold on to other chips in front and behind you. When pulled out of bag, let go and land on floor. Then play dead. Tip to robbers: Crawl through the doorway following a robbery when you exit a store, that way they'll think you're only about 1 foot tall. My earbuds say they're guaranteed to not fall out, with the disclaimer "as long as you allow one of our customer reps to surgically implant them." Things different planets...
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Re-assessing my life for the better
I was checking my email today and received an email from a newsletter I subscribed to ( about budgeting and saving money) with an interesting article topic about scoring free food from dumpster diving. I love stuff like that so I read it. Boy this article is an eye opener. I didn't realize non-homeless people did this, but it sure makes sense. If you didn't read the article (but you should since I suck at paraphrasing), I'll try to explain it. It talks about people who Dumpster Dive for foo...
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