3+2 hours=5 hours!!! Driving!!!
Yes simple maths up there but the driving lesson today is F-U-N! although I was obviously tired out because of the constant turning of the steering for parking and “3 penjuru”. Erm … I will tell this in Story-mode : I had a long night and didn’t slept well but I somehow* manage to get myself to WAKE UP!!! but the sleepiness beats me to it. Later I woke up around 10a.m still feeling a little drowsy. I lift myself up and grab my h/p to check on the time and … My tutor said he would come around 10+!!! I...
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Book Review: Wishcraft by Barbara Sher
I'm back with another review. This one's a self-help workbook/book. Wishcraft by Barbara Sher was an eye opening book for me. The book's subtitle is 'How to get what you REALLY want'. I think that describes it pretty accurately. The book is intended for people who have been shelving their dreams or people who don't know how to get there. The book challenges your mind and forces you to come up with ideas to turn your dreams into reality. If you're an amateur looking to be a pro, this book is a good starti...
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