Prius Limo
Figured on the gas mileage we are saving, why not waste it all becoming a limo? Bet that awesome 0-60mph in 10.6 seconds has been downed even more. Don't get mad when you see this guy doing 20mph in a 40mph watching the dash to get the best gas mileage possible!
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Samsung Bend Tablet Concept
Wouldn't it is so cool if we can have a tablet which the screen can be bent into a stand or a virtual keyboard depending on the angle you're positioning it?Today, Samsung tech designer has taken this "dream" into reality. By taken some inspiration from several iconic objects, the result is quite brilliant and is unlike what we have seen before. The Samsung Bend Tablet Concept is a flexible touchscreen tablet which has a flexible display and able to bend to an angle of 50 degrees.The heaviest parts are p...
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