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I Hereby Commit to NaBloPoMo 2017!

Originally posted on Healing Through Connection: 2015 November Gratitude Shorts 2016 Letters to Patients 2017 Field Notes from a Life in Medicine Day 1: Practice Shitty First Drafts I first heard this concept listening to Brené Brown’s book Rising Strong. read more »

A Recent Letter to a Friend

Dear friend, Im sorry about my lack of response to your voice mails. Ive been busy have not had a chance to look at your newly updated website. With luck, I expect to spend some time on it tomorrow Continue reading read more »

On Privilege and Consequences for Mistakes

Over the several decades of my life, I have been blessed to receive a great many things which only an idiot would claim I deserved or had earned. Its often easy to fall into the trap of seizing the low-hanging Continue reading read more »

Grief and Mourning

Grief is what you feel when you lose a loved one. Mourning is how you express those feelings. I read that in a book last year and it stuck with me. I leave it to you, the readers, to decide Continue reading read more »

Big Up Your Blog!

Originally posted on But I Smile Anyway...: Want to be part of an absolutely amazing Facebook group of bloggers? Want to have supportive blog pals at the end of the ether, sharing and commenting on your posts? Want to grow your read more »

That Moment When … An Open Apology

That moment when you find it necessary to do something that you previously ranted raved about when other people did it. Please forgive me, everyone, for my much-spouted-but-now-I-realize-was-wrong demand that you: tell me immediately if anything I do upsets Continue reading read more »

Missing Her as March Approaches

Missing Her as March Approaches Last year, on March 2nd, while my wife Barbara was at home in my care, she had her second stroke. As I had read the information given out by the hospital after her first one, Continue reading read more »

One Day, She Met a Man

One Day, She Met A Man A Short Tale One day, while walking outside, she met a man. Or maybe it was a ghost of a man yet to be, she was never sure. He was throwing his hands Continue reading read more »

Water and Hotness

Water is the only thing in my life where I can adjust the hotness. (Yeah, thats supposed to be a joke.) When we look around while out in public, one thing we may notice is that some people look hot Continue reading read more »

Why Are Libraries So Under-Appreciated?

I attended a class this morning at the Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC) office and the presenter (from an outside firm) mentioned Google several times, which kind of makes sense, as the class was about digital marketing and Google Continue reading read more »

Who Am I ? Thoughts on Being A Widow

It struck me again tonight that Im here alone. No one else lives here, so no one else will do the things I leave for later. Am I No One Else? Who am I now that shes gone? How do Continue reading read more »

On the New Year

For me, the new year 2017 began with: Pain illness Disappointment Loneliness A large To-Do List Fear of what is coming And, yet, as the great poet Maya Angelou wrote,  But Still I Rise. I am not done yet Continue reading read more »

An Open Apology To Dolly Parton

Originally posted on Rawe-struck: Dear Dolly, I’ll be honest. I used to think you were a bimbo. I used to think you flaunted your big boobs, teased hair, tiny waist, and your syrupy-sweet southern accent just to sell yourself and read more »

Thoughts on the Election

​So, yesterday I was proven wrong. America does elect fascists after all. The Greatest Generation must be rolling in their graves, wondering what they fought for. I can only hope that the GOP will continue to be as ineffective at Continue reading read more »

Personalizing My Semicolon Tattoo

Before I got my first tattoo, I could not figure out why someone would want one, let alone several. Now that Ive had my own tat for several weeks, Im starting to understand a bit about the why. While I Continue reading read more »

Remembering Barbara Gatewood

Remembering Barbara Gatewood (Remarks given at her funeral by her husband) My mother said she had never heard of a husband giving remarks at his wifes funeral. Well, Barbara and I were science fiction fans, commonly called nerds, and we Continue reading read more »

Joy and Grief

Back on Christmas Eve, I posted a poll  asking my readers to pick from a list of shared topics, promising to write a post in response to the winners. The top choice was Joy and Grief. So, this is a Continue reading read more »

Your Heart Knows What You Want. Your Head Knows...

I saw this recently and it stuck with me as it speaks to the tendency many of us have to over-analyze and over-think our goals, to over-research methods of achieving them, to procrastinate on ACTUALLY DOING ANYTHING. Sure, it helps Continue reading read more »

My Community, My Home: Pass the Disability Inte...

Originally posted on Off the Top o My Head: Sen. Charles Schumer has introduced Senate Bill 2427, the Disability Integration Act of 2015.  If enacted, this bill would be like the Civil Rights Act for people threatened with placement in read more »

An Open Letter to my Wife

When I met the woman who was to be my wife, I had two lists. One was things I did want in a mate and one was things I did not. Those lists are buried at the Shelby County landfill Continue reading read more »

Good Writing Is ..

I saw this on Today, You Will Write and it resonates with me because clarity of thought and word is my goal. Photo Post Source: Inspirational Quote # 141Filed under: General Sharing, reblogged, Writing Tagged: Bill Wheeler, clarity, inspiration, thinking, Continue reading read more »

Let Me Motivate You

This is a very moving, very human, and very wise use of gratitude to overcome the stuff that can bring us down if we let it. Kudos to A THOMAS for this inspiring piece. Let Me Motivate You by A. Continue reading read more »

On Being Unsupervised and Freelancing

On Being Unsupervised and Freelancing Some people seem to think a man loses his mind when he gets married. I say this because you can hear them talking about how an unsupervised husband is a dangerous thing, as if we Continue reading read more »

The Word of the Day: Perspective

The word of the day is Perspective. Back in September, I went to Nashville. That resulted in 20 Things I Learned from my Recent Trip to Nashville . One thing I left off that list and that Ive been relearning of Continue reading read more »

Are You Happy?

While we cant change everything about our lives, we DO have a great deal more power than we think. So, I am happy to share this simple chart that shows how to use your power of choice to be happy. Continue reading read more »

Updated List of BLOGS TO FOLLOW

I have updated my List of Blogs To Follow. You can see the new list here: Its even in alphabetical order by blog name, so you can check to see if your blog is on the list. :D There Continue reading read more »

The Values of Saint Thomas West

The Values of Saint Thomas West In September of this year, we traveled to Nashville so that my wife could have heart surgery at St. Thomas West hospital. While the experience is NOT one I would wish on anyone, if Continue reading read more »

The Road Leads Ever Onward

All roads lead to Rome. ancient saying The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, And I must follow, if I can, Pursuing it with eager Continue reading read more »

A Wish for Peace…and Quiet

Originally posted on The Green Study:Leonardo da Vinci wrote that silence was the best way to strengthen authority. Lincoln suggested that the sin of silence, instead of protest, made cowards of men. Neither was on Facebook or Pinterest, nor read more »

Oops! Beware the Post Settings!

Oops! I posted a stub of an article here, just an opening fragment, and intended to save it as a draft. After I hit create, I realized that I had not changed the default status from publish to draft, so Continue reading read more »

Write Nonfiction in November – Day 7

Progress on Day 7 of Write Nonfiction in November  (WNFIN or NaNonFiWriMo) Despite spending a few hours at the nursing home with my wife and doing some shopping after that, I more than hit my daily goal for writing my Continue reading read more »

Progress on Write Nonfiction In November – Days...

Progress on Write Nonfiction In November Day 5 (Friday 11-6-15): Total new words added to my Write Nonfiction in November project tonight: 1,218 (daily goal is 1,200). Project total is 28,622; added since WNFIN began on November 1st : 5,227. Continue reading read more »

Lessons from Write Nonfiction In November – Day...

My first lesson from Write Nonfiction in November is to do the writing before doing bookkeeping work for my notary business and before visiting the so-depressing hospital. It is hard to write when you are tired and the creativity is Continue reading read more »

10 Excellent Blog Posts Seen Recently

As I am participating in the Write Non-Fiction in November (WNFIN) challenge (also known as National Non-Fiction Writing Month or NaNonFiWriMo), my time for reblogging is short this month. Even so, I keep running across some really interesting, well-written, and/or Continue reading read more »

Kindness and Vulnerability

Originally posted on A Year of Living Kindly:“A gift is like a seed; it is not an impressive thing. It is what can grow from the seed that is impressive. If we wait until our seed becomes a tree read more »

There Must Be Cookies – The Rules of Cookie Club

Now that I am leaving Freemasonry (look for a post about that here soon), I am thinking about what sort of club to join next. As Im not a fighter, Im a lover definitely applies here as long as you Continue reading read more »

The Real Reasons I Blog

Originally posted on A Holistic Journey:1. To ward off dementia. 2. Stay in touch with my roots. No such thing as overworking with Koreans. Rest? Psh. Thats what the grave is for. 3. Youve saved me money on therapy. read more »

Blogs To Follow

Before I took the Blogging101 class earlier this year, I was following less than 3 dozen other blogs as I just didnt see why it matters, didnt know how to find good ones, and didnt think I had time to Continue reading read more »

Got this MEGA AWWWW email today…

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Apes Blog:Peaches, a loving therapy dog, spends time with an elderly woman at a nursing home. They both seem to love it. Following an earthquake in Japan, this terrified giant panda read more »

How to evaluate your information sources

Originally posted on askyermom:Your generation has a much more challenging job than mine did of evaluating information sources. Please allow me to geez for a moment!! When I was a kid, we had four teevee stations and two newspapers. read more »

Sharing Some Blogging Tips

Janice Wald (of Mostly Blogging) is a blogging maven, the expert I trust to have good tips about how to boost your blog from never-read to viral-star. Here are 3 recent articles from her site that everyone who blogs could Continue reading read more »

You Should Attend the Carolina Balloon Festival

Originally posted on Dream Big, Dream Often:Our morning at the Carolina Balloon Festival was awesome to say the least!  I have never seen so many balloons in the sky at once.  If you ever get the opportunity you must attend.  500+ ballloons and close to 40,000 people this weekend!! read more »

Gratitude and Letting Go

I posted articles here recently about journaling and the idea that really sparked those for me was a comment about a gratitude journal. I started one, only mine had to be different, so its a gratitude and letting go journal, as some things come paired that way and some things bug me so much they More Gratitude and LettingGo read more »

On Judging Others

While scooping the cats litter box today, I had a revelation. (Yeah, Im a writer, so the Muse speaks to me whenever She will.) Here it is: Its not fair to judge someone by how stinky their shit is because none of us have sweet-smelling shit. This is a revelation because shit applies to more More On Judging Others read more »

3 Events to Increase Your Blog Exposure: For FREE!

Originally posted on Dream Big, Dream Often:Today we have 3 events going on simultaneously: Meet and Greet: leave your blog link, reblog the post and then visit others pages! Reblogging: leave a link to your post and I will reblog Social Media:  leave a link to your social media pages for others to view read more »

9 Barriers to Kindness

This list is so good. I can definitely identify myself in every one of these. 9 Barriers to KindnessFiled under: Doing Good Works, General Sharing, reblogged Tagged: Fear, impatience, indifference, kindess, laziness read more »

Best Recent Articles on My Favorite Blogs

What with one thing and another, I have gotten behind on reblogging the wonderful, uplifting, inspiring, funny, and/or educational posts seen recently on my favorite blogs. Rather than bombard my readers with a slew of them all at once, I have decided to give you a recap of just some of the best blog posts More Best Recent Articles on My FavoriteBlogs read more »

12 Advantages of Keeping a Journal

Yesterday, I posted an article here about journals. For those who are not yet convinced that they should use a journal, here is my list of 12 Advantages of Keeping a Journal. 1) Its an Idea Bank, a source for future writing ideas. 2) Journaling counts as writing (not on a Work In Progress, but More 12 Advantages of Keeping aJournal read more »

WordPress Bloggers Beware! There is a bad site ...

Source: WordPress Bloggers Beware! There is a bad site out there!Filed under: General Sharing read more »

An Idea Bank for Writers

One of the things that distinguishes writers from non-writers is that writers will often have notebooks, scraps of paper, and other places full of thoughts (because the thoughts simply must be written down before they escape or before the writers head explodes from keeping them in) AND YET we will run into writers block where More An Idea Bank forWriters read more »

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