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Big Up Your Blog!

Originally posted on But I Smile Anyway...: Want to be part of an absolutely amazing Facebook group of bloggers? Want to have supportive blog pals at the end of the ether, sharing and commenting on your posts? Want to grow your read more »

Driving Miss Crazy

Originally posted on A Year of Living Kindly: “Americans will put up with anything provided it doesnt block traffic.” (Dan Rather)  Over the last few years of exploring kindness, writing about it, and occasionally talking about it, one of the read more »

Words Matter

Here is another excellent piece from the maven of kindness, Donna Cameron. Her entire blog is filled with such wonderful thoughts, expressed so well, that I cant say enough about it. Go! Read! “Kind words can be short and easy Continue reading read more »

#Loveuary❤ – Rules And A Prompt List Of Sorts!

I had intended to share this while that month was still going on so that my readers could participate. Please forgive me for missing the boat on that! In any case, its a lovely idea and worth visiting Ritus blog Continue reading read more »

Your Heart Knows What You Want. Your Head Knows...

I saw this recently and it stuck with me as it speaks to the tendency many of us have to over-analyze and over-think our goals, to over-research methods of achieving them, to procrastinate on ACTUALLY DOING ANYTHING. Sure, it helps Continue reading read more »

Take Action !

One of the reasons that I named this blog Minister Is A Verb is that I have observed that we reveal who we are by our actions. Sure, we may have beliefs that are good, just, merciful, faith-based, and all Continue reading read more »

Good Writing Is ..

I saw this on Today, You Will Write and it resonates with me because clarity of thought and word is my goal. Photo Post Source: Inspirational Quote # 141Filed under: General Sharing, reblogged, Writing Tagged: Bill Wheeler, clarity, inspiration, thinking, Continue reading read more »

Let Me Motivate You

This is a very moving, very human, and very wise use of gratitude to overcome the stuff that can bring us down if we let it. Kudos to A THOMAS for this inspiring piece. Let Me Motivate You by A. Continue reading read more »

Let Those Thoughts Go

Photo post by @arganesh3. As seen on Known is a Drop, Unknown Is an Ocean let thoughts goFiled under: Philosophy, reblogged Tagged: happiness, happy, joy, letting go, self-control, thoughts read more »

10 Tips To Beat the Holiday Blues

Its easy to get depressed during the holidays. For instance, this year, I am just not feeling the holiday spirit due to my wife being away and other matters. If it werent for writing to let my creative side out, Continue reading read more »

Are You Happy?

While we cant change everything about our lives, we DO have a great deal more power than we think. So, I am happy to share this simple chart that shows how to use your power of choice to be happy. Continue reading read more »

10 Excellent Blog Posts Seen Recently

As I am participating in the Write Non-Fiction in November (WNFIN) challenge (also known as National Non-Fiction Writing Month or NaNonFiWriMo), my time for reblogging is short this month. Even so, I keep running across some really interesting, well-written, and/or Continue reading read more »

The Real Reasons I Blog

Originally posted on A Holistic Journey:1. To ward off dementia. 2. Stay in touch with my roots. No such thing as overworking with Koreans. Rest? Psh. Thats what the grave is for. 3. Youve saved me money on therapy. read more »

How to evaluate your information sources

Originally posted on askyermom:Your generation has a much more challenging job than mine did of evaluating information sources. Please allow me to geez for a moment!! When I was a kid, we had four teevee stations and two newspapers. read more »

Swimming in an Indie World

Emma Woods compares being an indie writer with being a member of a swim team. She makes some good points here. Swimming in an Indie World Filed under: reblogged, Writing Tagged: #amwriting, freelance writer, indie, reblogged, team work, writing read more »

10 Ways to Become Politically Savvy

In the modern day, when campaigns for office seem to be happening all the time, it is important to know how to see past the biases in what is reported and find the truth. We may never know the absolute Continue reading read more »

Sharing Some Blogging Tips

Janice Wald (of Mostly Blogging) is a blogging maven, the expert I trust to have good tips about how to boost your blog from never-read to viral-star. Here are 3 recent articles from her site that everyone who blogs could Continue reading read more »

9 Barriers to Kindness

This list is so good. I can definitely identify myself in every one of these. 9 Barriers to KindnessFiled under: Doing Good Works, General Sharing, reblogged Tagged: Fear, impatience, indifference, kindess, laziness read more »

Best Recent Articles on My Favorite Blogs

What with one thing and another, I have gotten behind on reblogging the wonderful, uplifting, inspiring, funny, and/or educational posts seen recently on my favorite blogs. Rather than bombard my readers with a slew of them all at once, I have decided to give you a recap of just some of the best blog posts More Best Recent Articles on My FavoriteBlogs read more »

How to Blog Successfully: 10 Tips

Originally posted on The Ninth Life:Yesterday, I published a post entitled, Can I Get A Drum Roll Please? The post was written in celebration of one of my greatest blogging accomplishments so far: reaching 10,000+ WordPress followers of The Ninth Life. I have started reading many of your comments. And I must say, You guys sure do know read more »

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

Here is a good article about How To Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral from the excellent site Mostly Blogging. How to Get a Blog Post to Go Viral Write about travel or lifestyle. According to the book, those are the two most popular blog topics.  If you write about one of those topics, people are More How To Make Your Blog Post GoViral read more »

How to Gain Free Exposure for Your Blog – Reblo...

As you may have noticed, since I took the Blogging101 Class last month, I have become a huge fan of reblogging. This is both because it allows me to share all sorts of wonderful content with you wherever I find it and give the authors the credit they deserve AND because it means some new More How to Gain Free Exposure for Your Blog Reblogging read more »

Are You Letting Your Blog Get Out Of Control?

If you recently took a class on WordPress (as I did), you may now be finding yourself writing more for your blog than ever, reblogging more than you ever thought you would, and commenting on blogs all over the place. While all of this is great fun and necessary if you are going to grow More Are You Letting Your Blog Get Out OfControl? read more »

How I’m learning to break my silence and fight ...

Originally posted on Cute Girl With A Banjo:If they arent doing anything unlawful, then they shouldnt have anything to worry about.  Its a common refrain used by defensive white people who would like to pretend that minorities, specifically black people, are not targeted by law enforcement. Im sorry to say there was an ignorant time read more »

Where Your Mind Goes, Energy Flows

I saw this on Seeds4Life recently and thought it was excellent, well worth sharing here. If you find value in it, please go to the original post and let them know. Where Your Mind Goes, Energy Flows –  Ernest Holmes Posted by: Lily Daub in All Seeds, Motivation, Wisdom September 4, 2015 How many mountains More Where Your Mind Goes, EnergyFlows read more »

You Are Undoubtedly Great!

I saw this on Passion Living Out Loud and just had to share it with you. Just a simple message for you today… Be your own reminder of how great you are. Don’t let others define or confirm whether or not you are great. Don’t be ashamed that you were created to be 100% you; uniquely More You Are UndoubtedlyGreat! read more »

11 Hidden Signs That Fear is Holding You Back F...

How can I resist a website called Fearless Passsion, epecially when they post articles such as this one? This hits me right where I live, as I have several of these signs! In any case, I #amwriting. 11 Hidden Signs You Are Afraid to Write Filed under: General Sharing, reblogged, Writing Tagged: #amwriting, Fear, Goals, More 11 Hidden Signs That Fear is Holding You Back From Writing YourBook read more »

How should I talk to the police?

Originally posted on askyermom:Apparently, I have neglected to instruct you guys on how to talk to the police. Only one person ever talked to me about how to talk to the police and that was a county officer who volunteered to speak to our high school history class. I remember only a few lectures read more »

Brace Yourself for an Epidemic of Bad Behavior

Originally posted on A Year of Living Kindly:“Let us learn to live with kindness, to love everyone, even when they do not love us.” (Pope Francis) Wallace Falls State Park, Aug. 2015 It’s going to be a long 14 months until our next presidential election. Many other countries have very different approaches to their elections: read more »

13 Places to Quickly Find 3,000 New Blog Followers

Most blog writers want their blogs to be read. Unfortunately, marketing and networking are not skills that come packaged with the ability to write well. So, some of us struggle to find readers. Mostly Blogging recently posted an article called 13 Places to Quickly Find 3,000 New Blog Followers While I have not done all More 13 Places to Quickly Find 3,000 New BlogFollowers read more »

Meet and Greet on Dream Big, Dream Often

Dream Big, Dream Often is having a Meet and Greet a chance for bloggers to meet one another by sharing their sites. As he has way more followers than some of us ( : D ) , it seemed like a good idea to me to do this. Here are the details: This More Meet and Greet on Dream Big, DreamOften read more »

The Importance of Hobbies for Stress Relief

Thanks to Dream Big, Dream Often , I read this article and thought so much of it that I wanted to share it here. Hobbies and family and helping others are what make life worth living, in my humble opinion. The Importance of Hobbies for Stress Relief This is my #reblogwednesday article. under: More The Importance of Hobbies for StressRelief read more »

Speaking from A Position of Privilege

I ran across this article tonight and I thought it really spoke to an ongoing trend, a bad one that I finally noticed. See if you agree with the author. under: General Sharing, Rants and Raves, reblogged Tagged: female, male, priviledge, rape culture, white privilege read more »

A Little Request

Boosting the signal. She seems like a fun lady with an upbeat attitude. Please help her reach her goal. A Little a Request.Filed under: reblogged Tagged: cat, followers, happy read more »

Rățușca înțeleaptă

Originally posted on O poveste la cafea:Într-o dimineață caldă, cu un soare orbitor Și un nor ce stă să cadă pe căsuța cu pridvor, O rățușcă mititică doar cu puf pe ea și-un cioc, Măcăie, se dă de-a dura, astâmpăr n-are deloc. C-a ei mamă, obosită de atâtea rugăminți, I-a promis că o s-o read more »

Cei mai proști oameni

Originally posted on Blogul lu Ratzone:Bună ziua. Scrii pe blog atunci când ai un mesaj foarte important de transmis. Dacă e să se simtă cineva jignit, poate fi doar pentru faptul că eu mă refer la un moment când suntem cei mai proști, nu la situația noastră generală. Suntem cei mai proști oameni atunci read more »

Pro Tv Departament de PR sau cum sa te doara ca...

Originally posted on Blogul lu Ratzone:Bai este panica panica panica. A vuit media in stanga si-n dreapta ca e scandal mare la Pro TV. De fapt e un lucru normal: s-au dat niste oameni afara care frecau menta spunandu-si ca ei sunt PR-isti lu peste prajit. Imi pare rau pt ei foarte foarte putin read more »


Reblogged from Subconstientul genial: Soseste in viata un moment, in care trebuie sa iei decizii si sa-ti lasi viata in mana altcuiva.La propriu.Totul se clatina in jurul tau amenintator, iar senzatia de pierdere a libertatii de decizie ,chiar si temporara ,poate fi bulversanta.Si atunci nu e decat o solutie.UNA SINGURA: SUBCONSTIENTUL TAU . Acolo este [] read more »

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